===================  EUCHRE REGISTRATION FORM v3.2.6  ====================


 Remit To:     Richard Gardner                  Date: ____________________

               (Send e-mail first to obtain physical address)

               (Send the payment after receiving the address via e-mail)


* CD mailed out via U.S. Postal Service:     $15.00             $_________


* Euchre.zip file e-mailed:                  $11.00             $_________


    Registered Version includes the ability to save ALL settings

    and has no Timer on the Closing Screen.

    Improvements and Upgrades are constantly being made and this

    will be the latest version of the game available.


* Shipping Fees are included if mailed in the USA or Canada.

    [  ] Within the USA or Canada:    $0.00

    [  ] Outside of USA or Canada:    $3.00                     $_________


* Payment Method:

    [  ] Check  [  ] Money Order  [  ] Cash  [  ] Postal M/O

    (Cash is accepted, but it is advisable not to  send cash

    through the mail.  Personal Checks and Money Orders are

    the preferred payment method.)

                                                     SUB-TOTAL: $_________



* No. of Copies (_____) X Sub-Total                     TOTAL: $__________



    NOTE: If payment is made by Postal Money Orders - They MUST bear the

          U.S. Currency ($) symbol or  they will be returned.  I can not

          cash out of USA Money Orders without this marking!!



* Ship To:

           Name: _________________________________________________________

       Address1: _________________________________________________________

       Address2: _________________________________________________________

 City,State,Zip: _________________________________________________________


* e-mail address: ________________________________________________________


Any Comments?: ___________________________________________________________




Comments and Suggestions can also be sent to:  info @ euchreusa . com


Where was the Shareware Version of this software obtained: (website name,

Shareware collection disc, friend, etc.) (for my curiosity only!)




                                                Thank You For Registering!

last updated 01.23.2022