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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions relating to my Euchre Program. I welcome suggestions as to topics which should be added to this FAQ; send them to [support at euchreusa dot com]. Right now, I've mixed the Shareware and Registered Version FAQs. As I get more listed, I might break them into two sections.

Euchre Frequently Asked Questions

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How can you tell who called trump?
This is one of the better features of the program, but easily overlooked. After trump is called, the trump icon is put in the circle or spot on the turned card. If you look a little closer, the icon isn't centered in the spot, but either off to one side or towards the top or bottom. The direction the trump icon is from off center is towards the player who called trump. After a few hands, this icon will become very easy to read and you can tell who called trump very quickly. I believe this is better than any text message could ever be.
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Why does the Setup give me an error that the Setup.Lst file doesn't exist?
This is probably from running the setup.exe directly from the zip file instead of Extracting All the files from the zip file first. Double-Clicking the Setup.exe will extract just the setup.exe file and run it, but all the other files are still tucked inside the zip file. Right-Click on the Zip file and Choose Extract All... and then run the setup.exe where all the files are extracted.
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Why should I register? What benefit is it to me?
By registering, you get the latest version mailed or e-mailed to you with the latest enhancements and bug fixes. You are also able to save all settings (color, playing options, etc.) so you don't have to change them every time you start the game. There is also no countdown timer on the closing screen. You can exit the Registered version as soon as you want.
Also by registering, you promote the shareware system of software distribution. The more registrations I get, the more time I will spend adding features that you request.
You also get the feeling you're doing the right thing!
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Why do I get the message I can't call trump?
This has to do with the Trump Calling Rules. The default setting is the you must have trump to call trump. If the turned card is hearts and you have no hearts in your hand, you are told you can't call trump.
There are three settings for trump calling: All No Trump, Just Dealer No Trump, and Must Have Trump. The Must Have Trump is the default and is why you're getting the message that you can't call trump. A special circumstance of this is that if a heart is turned up and you have no hearts in your hand but you have the jack of diamonds (which would be the left bower if hearts were trump), you still can not call trump. Technically, the left bower does not become trump until trump is called so therefore you do not technically have a trump in your hand. This becomes evident when you are the dealer and the jack of hearts is turned up. You only have the jack of diamonds and no other hearts. With the Must Have Trump option, you would not be able to pick up the jack of hearts.
This is where the second option Just Dealer No Trump comes into play. With this option, the dealer could pick up that jack of hearts (or any card that was turned up), but no one else could order it up. This was from a suggestion of a player that said the turned card was like an "extension" of the dealer's hand and therefore the dealer had trump.
The third option of All No Trump is a Free for All. Anyone can call trump whether they have any trump in their hand or not. If you don't like the Can't Call Trump message, this is the setting for you!
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Does your software work with Windows 8?
As of 11.03.2012,changes were made to the program and installation to be compatible with Windows 8. The program will run on the desktop but will not be on the "Metro" screen. The files are installed to their appropriate places and a standard user should have no problem running the game. Administrator rights will be necessary during the initial setup.
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Does your software work with Windows Vista and/or Windows 7?
As of 2008, there were changes made to the program and installation to be compatible with Windows Vista and also Windows XP. This also holds true for Windows 7. The files are installed to their appropriate places and a standard user should have no problem running the game. Administrator rights will be necessary during the initial setup.
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Why are the cards so small? Is there a way to make them bigger?
The cards used are pretty much the same as used for Solitaire and Hearts that come with Windows. As screen resolutions get larger and larger, the pixel size gets smaller so the same-sized card at 800x600 appears much larger on a screen than at a resolution of 1600x1200. I am working on this problem and will release an update that has cards that will vary with screen resolution so the cards will fill the screen, but for now the small cards will have to suffice. See the Preview Page for a look at what I'm working on.
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Why don't my settings of colors and options get saved?
There are two possible causes for this. If you have a registered copy, the Save Settings on Exit option must be checked under the File Menu for settings to be saved.
If you have the Shareware Vesion, Settings for Colors, Rule Options, and Playing Modes are not saved. If you want these options to be saved so you don't have to set them each time you play, you must Register. This is one of the incentives I put in to promote registration.
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Why does the program start cheating when I am winning?
The program does not cheat! It does count cards and remembers every card that has been played. It makes assumptions on when someone is out of suit based on the cards played. Basically, it uses every piece of information it can to make its judgements that is available to you (it just has an easier time of remembering). The program does not pass cards or switch cards from one hand to the other or from the "kitty". The cards are dealt at random and this does not change if the computer is behind.
If you seem to lose too often for your liking, I'll take that as a compliment. I've spent a great deal of time on the playing logic. I know it still needs some work, but I feel it's pretty good.
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Why does the program play my cards for me?
This is the Auto Play option under the Playing Modes Menu. If you have only one card in the suit that is led, the program will play it for you. If you don't like this option, uncheck the Auto Play option and you will have to play each card except the last. The computer always plays the last card regardless of the Auto Play Setting.
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Do you have a Windows Version of Euchre?
Yes I do! Version 2.12 is the latest DOS version and as of March, 2001 I have a Windows Version. You can download both from the Euchre Home Page. As of 2008, the software was changed to be compatible with Windows XP and Vista and works with Windows 7. It also works with Windows 95, 98, NT, & Me.
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Why do I have to wait on the closing screen until the counter gets to Zero?
This is because you have the Shareware Version. This version is on a trial basis to see if you like the program before you by it. The Countdown Timer is one the ways I try to promote Registration. The Registered version does not have this countdown timer so you can exit immediately once the closing screen displays.
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Do you have a version of Euchre that doesn't allow the computer partners to see each other's hand?
Again with the cheating thing. The program does not cheat!. The computer partners are programmed exactly alike and are supposed to work together. If you had a partner who thought exactly like you, you could hopefully do pretty well. I'll take that as another compliment that the logic seems to be working for the partners to work together.
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What's the difference between the Shareware version and the Registered Version?
ALL settings in the Registered Version are saved (colors, play options, rule options, etc.) as opposed to just some of them in the Shareware Version. All the options are available, but you have to set them each time in the Shareware Version. The other difference is the countdown timer on the closing screen. The Shareware Version has a countdown timer that must get to zero before you can exit the program. With Registered Version, you can exit immediately upon the closing screen being shown.
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Can I play other people on a network or over the internet?
Sorry. Right now the program is a stand-alone one person game. It is most likely that I will add that option in the future. I just have to work out the logistics and figure out the programming.
Update! I've been doing some Winsock/Internet programming for my actual work and I'll be able to apply knowledge gained there to the euchre program. So I'm fairly confident that I'll eventually have some kind of internet/network ability...I just don't know how soon. I know this will be after the graphcis update.
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I get a 429 error...Something about not being able to create an object. What's up?
This was because I didn't include the scrrun.dll in the installation package. This was a required for some file checking stuff I do. The latest version doesn't require this file and this error should not occur anymore.
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Do you have any screen shots for an example of how the game looks?
Yes, yes I do! Here's a whole page of screen shots and menu items. Action Shot Page
You can see a preview of what I'm working with Version 4 here.

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